Maximize Your Sales Potential with Our

Intuitive Pre-Sales Solution

Maximize Your Sales Potential with Our

Intuitive Pre-Sales Solution

At WINIT, our Pre Sales Solution is designed to empower your sales team to capture pre-orders with ease and efficiency. With an advanced, intelligent platform, your field representatives can set and exceed their targets while streamlining their pre-call plans and customer interactions.

Our Performance Accelerator Dashboard provides real-time insights into your team's progress, while our Advanced Target Setting feature enables you to define customer and item-specific targets to optimize your sales strategies. With an intuitive Journey Plan, you can ensure that your sales team is meeting their targets and optimizing their time on the field.

Our Pre Sales Solution also includes access to a Customer 360 feature, providing your team with a comprehensive view of customer data to inform their pre-call planning. With Geo Fencing and OTP-based approval, you can ensure that your team is adhering to your established guidelines and protocol.

clients using our Pre-Sales Solution

We offer support for Cash, Credit, and Short-Term Credit customers, with various collection methods to suit your needs. Our Guided Selling Tool provides your team with the tools they need to effectively guide customers through the sales process, and our Recommended Sales Order feature offers real-time inventory access and Available to Promise check for increased efficiency and accuracy.

Our Pre Sales Solution also includes Order Management, with tracking and status updates to ensure timely and accurate order fulfillment. We offer support for various collection methods, including Cash, Cheque, Credit Card, NFC, Bank Transfer, and Vouchers, and our Return with Invoice feature ensures seamless returns management.

With our Promotion Management feature, you can effectively plan, execute, and measure the effectiveness of your promotional campaigns, with insights and factsheets to inform your future strategies. Our workflow and control features reduce wastage and increase efficiency, while our Asset Management capabilities allow for easy request, execution, placement, and service request management.

We also offer Rental Agreements, BDA/Contract management for progressive rebates, Liquidation management, Customer Loyalty features, Survey capabilities, Merchandising Activity management, and End of Day and Supervisor Endorsement for accountability and efficient sales management.

Discover how WINIT's Pre Sales Solution can unlock your sales potential and streamline your sales processes with our intelligent, results-driven approach.

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